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[NEWS] 140821 Kim Junsu’s Jeju Island Hotel to open, “Will donate profits to the underprivileged”



JYJ’s Kim Junsu revealed his thoughts as the opening of his hotel on Jeju Island draws closer.

On the 21st, Kim Junsu stated through CJES Entertainment, “Having performed overseas activities since my 10s, I was able to enjoy a variety of scenery and natural wonders. After my first visit to Jeju Island, I couldn’t forget being moved by its mystery and beauty. I wanted to build a dream space on Jeju Island.” He continued, “The emotions I felt in Jeju Island were embedded into the architecture and interior of the hotel, and I wanted for guests to leave having made special memories. This is revealed often when I go on tour overseas, but I love palm trees and oceans, so I paid extra attention to Toscana Hotel’s palm trees and landscaping, as well as the ocean view and outdoor pools.”

Additionally, Kim Junsu plans on donating profits from the hotel to help the underprivileged in many ways, such as helping to pay for their heating bills. He stated, “I feel like I accomplished a dream, and I was very pleased with the exotic feel of the completed Toscana Hotel. I think of this as a new challenge. I want to express my gratitude to the 50 staffs under the General Manager.”

Kim Junsu’s Toscana Hotel (CEO Kim Junsu), situated at Gangjung-dong, Seogwipo, Jeju Island, is nearing its grand opening. The hotel will open on September 25th, and will begin receiving regular reservations on September 1st. Toscana Hotel measures 21,026 square meters and comprises of a main building spanning 5 floors (B1 to 4th Floor) with 61 rooms, as well as 4 luxurious full villas.

Source: Sports Daily via Naver
Translated by: @ohmyjunsu via Intoxiacation
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[NEWS] JYJ Junsu to open luxurious hotel in Jejudo via Kpop Herald
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